Dave is an extremely well qualified developer. We had a great experience working with him and he was critical in adding new features to our Ionic app. In addition to Dave's overall development skills, he has a strong understanding of mobile and web user experience. During the project I was impressed that proactively suggested ideas for the general product direction and overall team communication. I highly recommend him for teams looking to bring on an experienced developer that is always looking for ways to improve their software product, as well as, their engineering team's processes.

Curb Hero logo Curb Hero https://curbhe.ro

Dave is that rare breed of developer which is hard to come by. The perfect mix of highly skilled and reliable, whilst also having a great personality and creative flare. He is clearly passionate about what he does, which shines through in the attention to detail throughout the project. I can not recommend him enough.

Soul Sanctuary Phil - Soul Sanctuary mysoulsanctuary.co

We are really happy with the app and have a few ideas about what we want to do to take it forward, cheers Dave!"

The Art of Meditation Sam - AOM https://theartofmeditation.org

Dave's a really good guy - he was absolutely fantastic from the start ...everything he asked me, he broke it [the problems] down and there was a lot of logic and sense, he was trying to solve the problems with me. Completely fantastic experience I had with him.

Ross Jones Ross Jones mystoragehunter.com

You deserve every cent of what we owe you. The work you did was top-quality and we can't wait to add more features to the app with your help, thanks Dave!"

Adam Gogo Adam Gogo synergyzed.com

Dave is, quite simply, excellent. He took time to understand what we were trying to do with the app (Add Video), and worked tirelessly to make it the best possible version of what it could be. He explains complicated technical undertakings in layman's terms, and not only strives to fulfil any brief but also has the creative vision to suggest builds that improve what you're attempting; all while keeping an eye on how the end user will experience the app - and across all platforms. After delivering the final app, Dave has continued to be available for updates and improvements. Plus he's very good at talking things through over a pint!

Tom Bainton Tom Bainton rareprominence.com

Dave's a rare and valuable beast indeed. Not only does he possess first class coding skills, his ability to clearly communicate often-complicated concepts directly with clients is a great asset. (CAT-SI)

Sean Brasington Sean Brasington wasabidesign.co.uk

Dave really knows his stuff. I built most of our old website myself, but when it came to bringing it up to date to optimise for mobiles and tablets as well as desktops, and integrating a new online booking and registration system, I knew I needed some extra help...He recommended building a new site from scratch and talked me through all the options available...great at listening to my sometimes impractical design ideas and finding clever ways round the technical issues they created. He was really organised and always looking for ways to make the site clearer and more user-friendly. His bespoke CMS has kept the flexibility I was looking for to maintain the site for the future, while making it much easier to update the site on a day-to-day basis. I'm really pleased with the finished product and have been getting great feedback from our customers. Thanks Dave!

This is the default Alt Text James Gomez boulderbrighton.com
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