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Add Video

Add Video is a cross-platform iOS and Android app that makes it easy for companies to get feedback on a variety of topics, by allowing them to record short video answers to questions set up for them. It is simple, easy to use and has massive potential to change the way consumer feedback and market research is gathered.

Key Features:

  • Simple email invite
  • Video, Image and Text responses
  • Admin system for triaging submitted content
  • Excel import for bulk onboarding of users
  • Ability to push out follow-up questions by user


Dave is, quite simply, excellent. He took time to understand what we were trying to do with the app (Add Video), and worked tirelessly to make it the best possible version of what it could be. He explains complicated technical undertakings in layman's terms, and not only strives to fulfil any brief but also has the creative vision to suggest builds that improve what you're attempting; all while keeping an eye on how the end user will experience the app - and across all platforms. After delivering the final app, Dave has continued to be available for updates and improvements. Plus he's very good at talking things through over a pint!