About CAT-SI

CAT-SI is an easy-to-use mobile app designed to streamline health & safety compliance. Offering comprehensive monitoring and management tools, it enables real-time activity tracking and reporting, with secure cloud-based data storage.

Here's just a quick demo how it looks (not giving too much away...):

Download it here:

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The initial software release on Apple and Android in winter 2016/17 will focus on water hygiene (e.g. Legionella and Pseudomonas), with a full portfolio of facilities management compliance needs (gas safety, electrical safety etc.) to be added in due course.

  • One-stop asset management and compliance monitoring
  • Paperless secure document and report management
  • Ensures trace-ability and accuracy and improves productivity
  • Increased intelligence via real time visibility and reports
  • Enterprise level cloud-based hosting infrastructure
  • Significant cost savings via a centralised, efficient, digital work flow.

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