Should I use a BaaS for my backend / API?

A while back I made an app for a client which was using Back& as the backend API, here's what happened...


Late to the party here, but wanted to share my thoughts for anyone stumbling across this topic. A while back, I built a fairly large app for iOS, Android and Web, with Back& as the API. Everything was great, until it wasn't.

Disaster strikes...

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere they started shutting down, my app suddenly stopped being able to access its data, showed ‘No data received’ on all screens etc. This was during production. My app didn't crash, as I'd accounted for lack of API connection, but it was totally non-functioning. Great.

Long story short: It was hell trying to get my data back, as they were closing everything down and not responding to emails. BALLS.


Eventually I managed to get my database backed up, built a replacement custom backend in .NET Core with WebAPI and hosted my own custom solution and re-published the app on iOS, Android and Web with the updated API URLs to get the app back up and running ASAP. All within about 24hrs!

Lessons learned

Unless you absolutely need a backend service right now, wait. Build your own API, make it do exactly what you want it to do, on your terms. Don’t rely on startups or anyone else for your apps to work unless you absolutely have to, or it’s a business requirement from your client.

Hope that helps anyone considering using a BaaS soon.