iOS app rejection - SSL certificates setup/renewal

Has your app that's been working suddenly been rejected? Has is suddenly stopped working on live when it was a second ago?

The Problem:

SSL certificates have expired. This is for me so I remember what to do.

The Fix:

For apache:

Installing the SSL

To generate new SSL private key to go with GoDaddy certificates on Mac:

  1. KeyChain -> Request a certificate from a certificate authority.
  2. Fill it out - changing the .key file to "".
  3. Upload the "" file to the /home/ubuntu/ folder.
  4. Submit the CSR file text contents to the Domain (GoDaddy) to Re-Key the SSL.
  5. Download the SSL zip apache when ready.
  6. Rename the file with « bundle » in the name to "intermediate.crt"
  7. Rename the random string one to "".
  8. Upload both of these to the same folder /home/ubuntu


SSL into the box (from the directory with the .pem file), verify the install and restart:

  1. ssh -i "" [email protected]
  2. apache2ctl configtest
  3. sudo service apache2 restart