Ionic iOS scrolling stuck or locked or frozen or generally screwed on page with multiple inputs

Ionic 2+ iOS page with multiple input having scroll issues? Locked? Frozen? Generally screwed?


I have a page in an app with multiple input fields that on iOS sometimes locks scrolling, freezes after using a popover input, or an alert. I've narrowed this down to a bug in the way Ionic framework calls the iOS event "handleStopScroll" in iOS 12.2 AND the keyboard plugin installed by default when you add platform iOS/Android to a project.

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  1. Run in the terminal: ionic cordova plugin rm ionic-plugin-keyboard

  2. Run in the terminal: ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard

  3. Add to variables.scss file:

    ion-app.platform-ios12 ion-content { 
      pointer-events: auto; /*fix scroll lock on ios12.2*/ 

Now when you use the page, you should find that it doesn't lock up any more.