Flutter: OneSignal additionalData on app start
Thu, 04 Aug
There appears to be a bug in the OneSignal package for Flutter where you cannot reliably use the additionalData on app cold boot. This is my workaround.
Flutter: Fix module not found on iOS build
Tue, 26 Apr
Fix module not found when trying to build your Flutter app for iOS
Flutter: Make widget spin forever
Fri, 18 Feb
Wanna make a widget spin forever in Flutter? Use this!
Flutter: Run callback when returning to page
Thu, 16 Sep
Here's how you can run a callback / function when returning to a page after navigating.
Flutter: Auto focus Cupertino Search Text Field on page load
Wed, 30 Jun
Here is a simple example of how auto focus a CupertinoSearchTextField after navigating to the page in Flutter
Thoughts on Capacitor V3
Tue, 04 May
In a recent project, I've been using Capacitor V3 (beta), here are some thoughts.