Flutter: Fix module not found on iOS build
Tue, 26 Apr
Fix module not found when trying to build your Flutter app for iOS
Flutter: Make widget spin forever
Fri, 18 Feb
Wanna make a widget spin forever in Flutter? Use this!
Flutter: Run callback when returning to page
Thu, 16 Sep
Here's how you can run a callback / function when returning to a page after navigating.
Flutter: Auto focus Cupertino Search Text Field on page load
Wed, 30 Jun
Here is a simple example of how auto focus a CupertinoSearchTextField after navigating to the page in Flutter
Thoughts on Capacitor V3
Tue, 04 May
In a recent project, I've been using Capacitor V3 (beta), here are some thoughts.
Convert YouTube duration to something useful
Tue, 27 Apr
Convert the useless string that comes back from YouTube API to an actual usable thing.