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About Add Video

Add Video is a cross-platform iOS and Android app that makes it easy for companies to get feedback on a variety of topics, by allowing them to record short video answers to questions set up for them. It is simple, easy to use and has massive potential to change the way consumer feedback and market research is gathered.

Download it here:

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From their marketing site:

You set the questions and we get the answers. We’ll then edit the results so you gain valuable insights direct from your stakeholders, all summarised in one perfect film.

The accessibility of smartphones and tablets mean that auto-ethnography is available today, and we are seeing a huge swing towards the authenticity and intimacy of user-generated content in research and the wider video world.

Add Video is our platform. We built in consultation with our clients, to specifically meet the needs of the market research industry, and bring auto-ethnography to an affordable, workable place in this industry.