I'm Dave Shirman, an app and web developer in Sussex.
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Latest Project - Touch Metronome

Touch Metronome is a neat little macOS app I wrote recently in Swift. See more here.

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MacBook Pro 13" with Touch Bar 6 Month Review
Sat, 30 Dec
I've been using my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for around 6 months now. Here's my thoughts on the machine having used it for a while.
iOS app rejection - SSL certificates setup/renewal
Thu, 12 Oct
Has your app that's been working suddenly been rejected? Has is suddenly stopped working on live when it was a second ago?
Review of MacBook Pro 13" with Touch Bar 2017
Sun, 30 Jul
I've been using my MacBook Air for 5 years. Recently I purchased a new MacBook Pro 13" with Touch Bar. Here's some of my thoughts on the new machine.
Ionic 2: Fix VirtualScroll overlapping items bug
Mon, 15 May
If you're using a VirtualScroll component with variable height items, they can appear overlapped. This is a workaround.
Ionic 2: Fix iOS side-menu double tap bug
Tue, 02 May
Are you using a side-menu in your app? Does it work fine in Android but crap in iOS? Here's the fix.
Ionic 2: POST JSON Cross Origin CORS 403 Forbidden Hate Your Life
Mon, 24 Apr
Trying to POST some JSON cross-origin and getting 403 forbidden? Hate your life? Me too.

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