I'm Dave Shirman, an app and web developer.
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Featured App - AOM

The Art Of Meditation - Creating a happier world...together. See more here.

Featured App - SousChef+

SousChef+ is a tool designed for use in restaurants, small establishments and catering services. See more here.

Featured Project - Add Video Admin

Add Video Admin is the full-featured admin system for the Add Video app. See more here.

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Recent Posts
Flutter: Auto focus CupertinoSearchTextField on page load
Wed, 30 Jun
Here is a simple example of how auto focus a CupertinoSearchTextField after navigating to the page in Flutter
Thoughts on Capacitor V3
Tue, 04 May
In a recent project, I've been using Capacitor V3 (beta), here are some thoughts.
Convert YouTube duration to something useful
Tue, 27 Apr
Convert the useless string that comes back from YouTube API to an actual usable thing.
Ionic Capacitor Android Back Button Not Closing Alerts or Pickers
Sun, 04 Apr
In my project, I've noticed that Android back button/gesture is not closing Alerts and Pickers before closing Modals, this is my fix.
Android LocalNotifications with Cordova (while Capacitor v3 is still not working)
Sun, 28 Mar
Here is a simple example of how to set up Local Notifications on Android with Cordova / Capacitor, for every day or a specific day at time X
Replacement for missing Events class for Ionic 5
Fri, 12 Mar
If you need a replacement for the missing Events service in Ionic, use this.

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