I'm Dave Shirman, an app and web developer in Sussex.
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Latest Project - Touch Metronome

Touch Metronome is a neat little macOS app I wrote recently in Swift. See more here.

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Ionic iOS build failing with Xcode 10
Mon, 22 Oct
Ionic iOS build suddenly stop working from the command line? Using Xcode 10? Quick solution here!
Ionic Pro: Deploy git ignore important!
Tue, 01 May
If you're using Ionic Pro and setting up Deploy, make sure you do this before pushing your code.
MacBook Pro 13" with Touch Bar 6 Month Review
Sat, 30 Dec
I've been using my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for around 6 months now. Here's my thoughts on the machine having used it for a while.
iOS app rejection - SSL certificates setup/renewal
Thu, 12 Oct
Has your app that's been working suddenly been rejected? Has is suddenly stopped working on live when it was a second ago?
Review of MacBook Pro 13" with Touch Bar 2017
Sun, 30 Jul
I've been using my MacBook Air for 5 years. Recently I purchased a new MacBook Pro 13" with Touch Bar. Here's some of my thoughts on the new machine.
Ionic 2: Fix VirtualScroll overlapping items bug
Mon, 15 May
If you're using a VirtualScroll component with variable height items, they can appear overlapped. This is a workaround.

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