I'm Dave Shirman, an app and web developer in Sussex.
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Latest Project - Add Video

Add Video is a cross-platform iOS and Android app that makes it easy for companies to get feedback on a variety of topics, by allowing them to record short video answers to questions set up for them. It Is simple, easy to use and has massive potential to change the way consumer feedback and market research is gathered.

See the demo video here.

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Recent Posts
Ionic 2: Fix VirtualScroll overlapping items bug
Mon, 15 May
If you're using a VirtualScroll component with variable height items, they can appear overlapped. This is a workaround.
Ionic 2: Fix iOS side-menu double tap bug
Tue, 02 May
Are you using a side-menu in your app? Does it work fine in Android but crap in iOS? Here's the fix.
Ionic 2: POST JSON Cross Origin CORS 403 Forbidden Hate Your Life
Mon, 24 Apr
Trying to POST some JSON cross-origin and getting 403 forbidden? Hate your life? Me too.
iOS simulator screenshot crash workaround
Thu, 20 Apr
Trying to take a screenshot in the iOS simulator? Crashing? Here's a workaround.
Ionic 2: Camera permissions example for iOS and Android
Wed, 05 Apr
Turns out permissions on iOS are a pile of balls and they don't act in a sensible way. If you've previously denied access to a permission, requesting it again literally does nothing. So you have to tell the user to manually go and change it. LAME.
Ionic 2: Fix FileTransfer not reaching 100%
Sun, 02 Apr
If you've been trying to upload files using FileTransfer and have seen uploads stop before 100%, or fail call the onProgress event, this is your fix.

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